Do you want to learn how to install WordPress on localhost using Xampp? If the answer is yes then follow this some easy instruction. 

Setting up a locally-hosted environment is a very important step in any WordPress development project. Doing this enables you to safely test your site’s features and functionality, on a site that’s completely private.

In this article, we’ll explore how to use XAMPP to set up a local web server for developing and testing your WordPress site. you have to follow these steps:

Follow This few steps👇

Step 1: Download and install XAMPP on your computer.

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Step 2:Creating a MySQL Database using XAMPP.

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Step 3:Add the WordPress files.

If you’ve ever manually installed WordPress then you need to go to and download the latest version of WordPress.

Then, in Windows, navigate to the folder where you installed XAMPP. For me, that ’s.C://xampp It should be something similar for you. Then, in that folder, find the htdocs subfolder.

In htdocs, create a new folder for your site. This folder name will become the sub-name used to access your site. For example, if you make the folder,Justhowto you’ll access your site by going to.http://localhost/Justhowto

Once you create the folder, extract the WordPress .zip file you downloaded from

Step 4: Run the WordPress installer.

When you visit your localhost site, you should see the normal WordPress installer. Remember, your site is just http://localhost/FOLDERNAME: Example: Our site ishttp://localhost/Justhowto

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The only step where this process will differ from a normal install is the database details. When you get to the database details, enter them like this: Our database name: justhowto

  • Database Name = Name of the database you created in PHPMyAdmin {justhowto}
  • Username = “root”
  • Password = leave blank

When you complete the form then click.Submit Your work is almost done. Now you have to fill up your login details.

When you complete the form then click.Install WordPress Your work is done. Now you will go to your WordPress dashboard.

Now you are ready to customize WordPress.

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